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Episode 9 – Elementary Teachers Should Be Content Specialists #DebateMath Podcast

Should elementary teachers be content specialists? In most high schools, we are used to teachers being content specialists–in math or history or art etc. Students have a different teacher for each subject. Elementary students typically have one teacher for all content. Teachers are responsible for all subjects at that grade level. Some have said that elementary schools should have some teachers that specialize in content. Others push back on that idea. So let’s hear from both sides in our latest debate!Resources Referenced in this Episode:Resources Mentioned: Building Thinking Classrooms, Classroom Chef, Dr. Jo Boaler, Learning Trajectories, Graham Fletcher Progression Videos, Figuring Out FluencyAn article from NCTQ cited by AmandaFollow Kristen Acosta on Twitter: @KristenMAcosta. Book: Hanging Math Out to Dry. Website: kristenacosta.com.Follow Dr. Mike Flynn on Twitter: @MikeFlynn55 or on YouTube. Book: Beyond Answers.Follow Amanda Beeler on Twitter: @AmandaBeeler314.Follow Mario Valdez on Twitter: @mvaldez_mario. Podcast: Math Unmuted.Listened to the episode? Now, it’s your turn to vote! Go to our Twitter: @DebateMathPod to cast a vote.Don’t forget to check out the video version of this podcast on our YouTube channel!Keep up with all the latest info by following @DebateMathPod or going to debatemath.com. Follow us @Rob_Baier & @cluzniak. And don’t forget to rate and review us on Apple Podcasts!
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